• Beginning July 1st 2017, the Government of Makueni will transit to an Automated Revenue Collection System and seal all potential gaps for Revenue pilferages. The new system will ensure real time revenue reporting. Besides Mobile banking and VISA cards enabled modes of payment, a customer portal is being developed to facilitate internet banking revenue payment. The system was unveiled on Friday June 30th, 2017 at Emali by Governor Kivutha Kibwana.
  • Emali Bus Park and Green Grocer, one of Makueni County Government's flagship projects is now open. The project, Commissioned by Governor Kivutha Kibwana today, has a capacity to accommodate 100 vehicles, 100 green grocer stalls, and 100 seat recreation park.

  • The Department of Education and ICT is conducting I.C.T training through the "TŨSOMEEI COMPUTER NDŨANI PROGRAMME" in the 30 wards across the county. This training, which is being conducted by ICT4Development - Kenya(http://www.ict4d-kenya.org) in the 60 sub-wards, is a skill-based training tailored to empower out-of-school youths in ICT. READ MORE

  • The starting of libraries in the County is an initiative of the Shina Foundation in collaboration with Story Moja and the Government of Makueni County. Through the initiative, Shina Foundation in collaboration with the government has trained teacher librarians from 30 primary schools and purchased over 1,000 books for each library. READ MORE

  • The Government of Makueni County  has invested heavily in the construction and equipping of County Technical Training Institutes to enable our youth to access technical education. This has attracted our youth who did not make it to the university. READ MORE

Government Agenda in the Coming Years

Our agenda as a government is informed by key development indicators in our county. The level of poverty in the county stands at 60.6 per cent which is higher than the national average of 45.2 per cent (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), 2015).
The County is ranked 38 out of the 47 counties in terms of poverty levels. The population under 35 years account for over 74% of our population that is estimated at 988,586 in 2017. This means we have a relatively young population.
We commit ourselves to:
  • Kutwiikany’a Silikali (Woni na Mivango ya Silikali)/Establishing the Makueni County Government Kutwiikany’a Kiwu/Holistic Water Harvesting 
  • Kutwiikany’a Mbesa/Wealth Creation through Provision of Financial Services
  • Kutwiikany’a Viasala/Entrepreneurship
  • Kutwiikany’a Uima wa Mwii/ Provision of Health Services
  • Kutwiikany’a Kisomo/Promotion of Education
  • Kutwiikany’a Andu/Social Protection
  • Kutwiikany’a Malelu na Miendele/Development of Roads, Transport and Infrastructure
  • Kutwiikany’a Nima/Agriculture
  • Kutwiikany’a Mituo na Mikalile/Promotion of Moral and Ethical Values

Public Participation Schedule

The Government of Makueni County will be having Public Participation for County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2018-22) and FY 2018/19 Budget at the village level beginning 13th December 2017. Members of public are hereby urged to attend at their villages to prioritize their development for the next 5 years. Details on venues, dates and time are as follows. For further information, contact the office of the Sub-ward Administrator.
Public Participation Schedules Per Sub-county