1. Introduction;

The FY 2022/23 Budget will be the 10th Budget to be prepared by the County Government since start of devolution. It will be the fifth to implement the second generation CIDP 2018-2022.

The development theme for FY 2022/23 is building community resilience for sustainable development and prosperity.

The Development agenda has been prioritized towards;

  1. enhancing climate change adaptation and universal water access to households,

  2. improving the livability in the county's urban areas and markets,

  3. improving service delivery through institutional strengthening and capacity development,

  4. improving access to universal health coverage,

  5. increasing agricultural production, value addition and market access and

  6. enhancing social protection for the vulnerable in society.

  7. Deepening Equitable Development

  8. Accelerating Community-Led Development

Participation timetable

SNO Item Participants  Venue Timelines
1 Village Participation All interested persons All 3643 Villages 15th and 16th February 2022
2 Village Cluster Participation All interested persons All 377 Clusters 18th and 19th February 2022
3 Sub Ward Participation All interested persons All 60 Sub Wards 22nd February 2022
4 Ward Participation All interested persons All 30 Wards 24th February 2022
5 Thematic Areas (Youth, PWDs, PLHIV, Children, Business Community) participation All interested persons All 6 Sub Counties 25th February 2022
6 Political Caucus All persons seeking elective posts in the County ATC Kwa Kathoka 28th February 2022
7 CSOs Participation All CSOs ATC Kwa Kathoka 1st March 2022
8 Diaspora Participation All interested persons Virtual 1st March 2022
9 Stakeholders/ Development partners engagement All Development partners ATC Kwa Kathoka 2nd March 2022
10 County People’s Forum Development Committee representatives ATC Kwa Kathoka 4th March 2022