Department of Education & ICT: ICT Directorate

Vision: -  To make Makueni a world class of excellence in ICT and Disaster mitigation.
Mission: - To develop Makueni as a globally competitive and prosperous county by creating an enabling environment that encourages and enhances the development, expansion and use of Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) in development and poverty alleviation.

Our mandate
1. Marketing: Positioning and promoting Makueni as an ICT destination (locally and internationally), especially Promoting Business process Outsourcing (BPO) and Offshoring including showcasing County government citizenry services.
2. Advisory: Advise on all relevant matters pertaining to the development and promotion and mainstreaming ICT in the County.
3. Capacity Building: Providing government officials and other stakeholders including Youth, Women and Special Groups with skills, capacity and funding for anchor implementation of ICT projects for development and disaster mitigation.
4. Project Management: Integrating ICT in the County government projects coordination, directing, Implementation and community participation.

The Directorate of ICT has been partnering with youth and Special groups in the County as champions for ICT capacity building through Community Information Centres. Currently we have 7 operational sites and 8 new sites spread across different wards within the County. Free Services offered include:
  • Computer Literacy Training
  • Internet surfing, free emails
  • Access to P3 forms, police abstracts, GHRIs payslips
  • Drafting Project Proposals for youth and organised groups

  1. Wote
  2. Tawa
  3. Kikima
  4. Nunguni
  5. Makindu
  6. Kibwezi
  7. Kathonzweni
  8. Nthongoni (Underway)
  9. Darajani (Underway)
  10. Matiliku (Underway)
  11. Kalawa (Underway)
  12. Ukia (Underway)
  13. Kasikeu (Underway)
  14. Kalawani (Underway)
  15. Mavindini (Underway)