Constituencies & Members Of National Assembly

There are six(6) sub counties in Makueni County namely Kaiti, Kibwezi East, Kibwezi west, Mbooni, Makueni And Kilome.They are represented by the following Members of National Assembly. 

1. Kaiti Constituency - The Member of the National Assembly representing Kaiti Constituenct is Richard Makenga Katemi.


Fellow wananchi of Makueni, I am humbled by this great gesture from our governor to have a platform where our elected leaders can contribute to the development agenda for our country. Makueni faces a number of challenges, key among them food insecurity, lack of access to adequate and safe water, high rates of unemployment, and infrastructural challenges, just to highlight a few.

To harness the potential of agricultural productivity in Makueni, we must provide lasting solutions to water. One way of achieving this is by drumming up full support of the Thwake Dam project, which is also closely tied to the Konza Techno city, a key vision 2030 flagship project which is expected to provide thousands of job opportunities once completed. As a region which produces high quality fruits such as mangoes, oranges and tangerines, attention must be given to value addition modern storage and processing methods to ensure our farmers reap handsomely from their labor, and that wastage is minimized. Of course, we all know that climate change is a problem facing the globe, thus all relevant departments must ensure that the people practice climate-adaptive agriculture ventures.

In the face of, limited government funding, we must set our priorities right to ensure they are utilized well. The county should also do aggressive fundraising and identify other development partners to supplement funding from the national government. Towards this end, I am committed to work closely with the leaders of Makueni in identifying public-private partnerships that are beneficial to our people.

Matters of education must also be given their due priority. I would like to appeal to the county government to live up to its constitutional mandate of enhancing infrastructure in schools, reforms in ECDE, village polytechnics and technical institutions. As leaders, we will work selflessly to ensure our children have access to free, compulsory and quality education as provided for in the Basic education Act, 2013

In the new constitutional order, the citizens have a larger participatory role in ensuring accountability and transparency of the elected leaders. I call upon all citizens to engage our county leadership as well as members of the national assembly in constructive dialogue.

I wish Makueni the very best, indeed we have what it takes to scale to unimaginable heights of development.

Hon. Richard K. Makenga, M.P, Kaiti Constituency

2. Kibwezi East Constituency - The Member of the National Assembly representing Kibwezi East Constituency is Jessica N. Mbalu.

3. Makueni Constituency - The Member of the National Assembly representing Makueni Constituency is Daniel Kitonga Maanzo.

4. Kilome Constituency - The Member of the National Assembly representing Kilome Constituenct is Regina Nthambi Muia.

5. Mbooni Constituency - The Member of the National Assembly representing Mbooni Constituency is Michael Manthi Kisoi. 6. kibwezi West Constituency-The Member of the National Assembly representing Mbooni Constituency is Musimba Patrick Musimba