Mr. Wambua, Kawive

Minister for Roads, Transport and Infrastructure

Bio: Kawive Wambua is an educationist, a literary scholar and a writer. He is a practitioner and a researcher in civic education, participatory educational methodologies and culture as tools of social transformation. 

A trained teacher, he has taught English and Literature in English in secondary schools for over 7 years. He has Certificate in (Community Mobilization) IVLP-USA,MA(Lit) UoN, B.Ed (Arts- English/Lit), Egerton University.  He has over 10 years working/consultancy experience in community mobilization and education and is a specialist on human rights education, behaviour change communication and civic and constitutional education and advocacy. He has worked with civil society organizations in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Angola and Zambia.

Prior his appointment, he was the Executive Secretary of the Constitution and Reform Education Consortium ( CRECO) a network of 25 Civil Societies Organizations carrying out constitutional and civic education and human rights advocacy in Kenya. He has published many articles on constitutional and civic education issues in newspapers and magazines. His latest publication, Political Education for Civic Engagement in Kenya- A Citizen's Manual first published in 2011.

He is a family man with four children.